Eng–@–A–005– 1/2  Group (A)  Relationship with God (5)  Destroying our past wrong contract

renouncing the wrong covenants        
As God’s Children we are renewed in Christ, but there are things in the past that make us give a step back.
Not a few people start living by faith and find themselves getting discouraged, hesitate to spend time with other Christians, or even go back to the old habits.
 A friend had a scooter and when it got broken he decided to buy a new car. Then he completely forgot about the scooter so he didn’t cancel the registration at the ward office.
Therefore,  even after he had a new car he was receiving the scooter tax bill every year and he had to pay the tax bill for three years.
In the same way, even we receive Jesus in our hearts, even we start to enjoy God’s blessings and we have joy there are aspects in our past that we need to close or cancel and then we can start to enjoy our new life in Christ. In the previous example the scooter’s tax bill wasn’t too much but in our spiritual life the covenants we had made with demons in the past hinder our lives of faith in some way or another. Sometimes these covenants with demons in the past can have power to destroy our lives.                                                     
This type of spiritual bondage is different from whether our sins are forgiven.
In the same way, when we believe in Jesus, all of our sins are forgiven. But that does not mean that our spiritual bondages or covenants will disappear automatically. Of course, there are times when they disappear automatically, but if there is hindrance in your heart, you should consult someone. 
We can receive help through counseling, maybe at the beginning we can feel ashamed to talk about some aspects from our past but it will help us to be completely free from any bondage.
For example, if you have a sex outside of marriage, it becomes an action of a covenant.
(I Cor.6:16,17) Or do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot is one body with her? For "the two," He says, "shall become one flesh." But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him.
Sex is not only a physical action but also a spiritual action to be united with the other spiritually. When you have sex, your spirit gets connected with the other person’s spirit. Also you will be spiritually influenced by the spiritual bondage, generational curses, or other spiritual things of the other.
That is why it is not enough to repent the sins of the past in that case, but also to renounce the covenants of the past.
You may even make a covenant without realizing by participating in some religious activities. Also when you see a palm reader, you will be spiritually bound because you make the person under demonic power as your priest.
In Japan, many gods are worshiped but there aren’t many gods in fact.
(Deu.32:17)says that  They sacrificed to demons, not to God, .@They are not neutral existence but demons. @
Some people may have a concept of God such as there are many paths to the top of the mountain, but they all reach the same place. In the same way, they believe that any religion will reach the same God in the end. But it is not correct.
According to the Bible, we are not to have any other thing as God rather than the only true God who created the universe. (Matthew 4:10) You may think that it is too exclusive.   For example a husband, the husband is not arrogant or possessive if he says to his wife “I’m your only husband, just me”.
That person may have a lot of friends but just one companion in the matrimony, in the same way only God can lead us to heaven and He is the Only creator of all things.                                                                                    
The Bible says that idolatry is spiritual adultery, because the true relationship with God is like a marriage relationship.  When a couple love each other they have an excellent communication, in the same way God wants us to have an excellent communication with him, based in the love we feel for Him and the love He feels for us.                                                                                                                                               
The participation in religious rituals brings spiritual bondages to our life. 
In Japan there is a custom called Hichigosan. In this ritual people offer their children to a Shinto god and the parents’ intention is to receive a blessing but is not about receive a blessing, they are making a covenant or agreement “I offer you my son or daughter if you protect and bless him or her”.
By doing so, they are automatically making a covenant with a Shinto god.

 Even if the children didn’t know what had happened because this covenant  was made by their parents, this person has to cancel this covenant to stop that the demons from having authority over his life.
In some occasions the bondages or curses may come from our own family.  The new religions of sects such as Sokagakkai, Mahikari, Jehova’s witnesses have more influence than traditional religions. In case of he sect as Jehova’s witnesses, there comes legalistic traumas, which may require process of the healing of the hearts.
Also, there are curses that work in the family generations such as mental disease, alcoholism, lust, cancer, etc.
Exodus 20:25 you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me.
The Bible says that curse falls upon the people who worship the idols until the fourth generation. Therefore the descendents are affected too. Especially if they are fortune tellers, occult or magicians, their descendents are greatly bound.
Ways to renounce the covenants
You can do it by yourself but it is more effective if you do it with your leader or counselor, because during the process if you start to feel condemnation or depression this leader or counselor will be there to help you and pray with you. 
1. Identify the problem.
2. Ask God to intervene in this situation
3. Confess and cancel that covenant through prayer, it will be much better if you are specific. For example: “I went to a Buddhist temple and I participated in this activity, I confess, I repent and I cancel it in the name of Jesus” it can be something like that.                                                                                 
4. If someone can declare it with you, it will be very good. For example “I declare that this person (name of the person) has renounced this covenant and he or she is free in the name of Jesus.
5. invite God to this area. and pray for to fill up with Holy Spirit