Vol.37  This camel moves quickly.

T/ Look, Jenny. There’s Gogo.
J/ He is riding a camel.
G/ Hello, Tony. Hello, Jenny.
J/ Where are you going, Gogo?
G/ I’m going to Egypt. Do you want to come?
T&J / Yes, please!
G/ Get on, Jenny. May I help you?
J/ No, thank you, Gogo. I can get on easily.
T/ I can get on easily, too.
J/ Egypt’s a long way, Gogo. Camels move slowly.
G/ This camel doesn’t move slowly. This camel moves quickly. Watch.
T&J/ Gosh!
T/ You’re right, Gogo. Your camel moves quickly.
J/ Verry quickly.
T/ Let’s go into the pyramid.
J/ I can’t see a way in. we can’t go in.
( Tony pushed somewhere, then the door opened)
All/ Gosh!
G/ Let’s go in.
J/ It’s beautiful.
T/ Hold it carefully, Jenny. It’s old.
G/ No, Jenny! Don’t touch it!
T/ Look! The door’s closing.
J/ I’m sorry. What can we do?
G/ Look! (Another door opened)
All/ Gosh!
J/ Walk carefully, Tony.
G/ Don’t talk loudly, Jenny. Talk quietly.
J/ All right. Sorry. (The bridge collapsed)
T&J/ Help! (Gogo conjured a boat) Thank you, Gogo.
G/ Mmm. This boat is moving slowly.
T/ It’s moving quickly now.
G/ Yes, it is. Let’s go home for lunch. I like lunch.
T&J/ Oh, Gogo!

Gogo’s world

G/ I can dance, too. Play your drum quickly, Pod.
P/ Er … quickly?
G/ Yes, quickly.
P/ Ah …quickly.
JB/ I can’t dance quickly.
G/ Sorry, Jeeby. Play your drum slowly, Pod.
P/ Slowly. Er … Ah!
G/ Now let’s sing.

๔๔๔  SONG  ๔๔๔
Play your drum slowly. You can play slowly.
I’m playing my drum slowly, slowly, slowly.

Play your drum quickly. You can play quickly.
I’m playing my drum quickly, quickly, quickly.

Sing your song quickly. You can sing quickly.
I like to sing quickly, quickly, quickly.

Sing your song loudly. You can sing loudly.
We like to sing loudly, loudly, loudly.

๔๔๔  END  ๔๔๔